Our teen program
is at the heart of Ceres.

We are committed to developing young people to be active, engaged leaders in our world that is so critically in need of their participation. Through a hands-on experience of learning, growing and giving, we help them discover more about who they are, what they are capable of, and what they are passionate about.

As a teen develops his or her own sense of worth and agency, they are empowered to make healthy choices -- about food, nutrition, and how they choose to live and share our planet. Through their work preparing meals for families dealing with serious illness, they learn about the power of giving back and realize that they are essential contributors to their community's well-being.

Through mentoring and education, we continually encourage teens to excel. With clear expectations and modeling, we track every teen, giving them appropriate opportunities to grow, expand their limits, and learn what they are capable of.

"It has assured me of the type of person I want to be in the near future: someone who stops to think and understand that there are other people out there with more important and life-threatening issues than what I experience from day to day, and they need help. This experience has steered me on a clear path. Without this program I probably would never have gained an appreciation for something as simple as food or something as complex as life. I have learned not to take these things for granted and appreciate what I have."

Teen Chef Amy Tucker

After being with the program for 3-6 months, a teen is given a green apron with the Ceres logo on it and their name embroidered. This shows that they have a certain amount of knowledge and commitment to Ceres, and that newer teens can come to them for help or with questions.

After a year at Ceres and demonstrating a certain maturity and commitment, we invite selected teen to become Teen Leaders. These teens are expected to help model the Ceres culture and to take leadership in the kitchen and garden. Teen Leaders assist at our monthly Volunteer Orientations, speak at public events and serve at Ceres events in the community.

As part of the leadership program teens receive systematic education. Teens meet some of the clients that they cook for, hear from visitors about other efforts in our county, and see movies about some of the critical issues around the connections between our diet, our health, and the health of the environment.

Our education program regularly cover these areas:

♥ Kitchen skills including food safety and sanitation

♥ How nutrition and food choices affect your health

♥ Food system and food justice issues/hunger/how food choices affect the health of planet

♥ Teambuilding, leadership, and the Ceres culture

A Ceres teen ~

1. Works as part of a unified team.
2. Takes responsibility.
3. Keeps their energy positive and enthusiastic.
4. Honors commitments.
5. Is caring and welcoming to all.
6. Puts passion and love into the food.
7. Looks for what is needed and do it!

At Ceres our work is Heart Centered, Love Guided




A Ceres Video
by Teen Chefs Sonya & Mikaela