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Ceres Nutrition Articles:

Confused about the latest in nutrition news? Just what should you be eating for your health? You’ll find a number of relevant articles from our Nutrition Education Program Manager, Thais Harris, here:


All About Milk

There are so many kinds of milk available today along with contradictory information about the options, making it is hard to decide which milk might be the most healthful for each of us. Here is a guideline to clarify some concerns and allow you to enjoy some milk, whatever kind works best for you!

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Ceres Extras:
What They Are & Why We Offer Them

Learn about the Ceres Extras we offer—“superfoods” formulated to provide extra support for the immune system, for energy level, for healthy gut flora, and for nausea relief.

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Ceres Food Philosophy

What’s behind the ingredient and cooking choices made at Ceres? This article explains the science and philosophy that informs our work.

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Detox Safely

The practice of detoxifying the body to rid it of unhealthy toxins has been around for centuries. In our modern world detoxifying has become even more important, as we are exposed to a number of toxins every day in our environment and through our food supply. Learn about how our body detoxifies and what you can do to support it.

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This two-part series explains key elements of the digestive process and why good digestion and good health are inextricably tied together. Learn about optimal gut flora and what foods promote it.

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• Part 1 - Health Begins Here
• Part 2 - Phases of Digestion & Microflora


Eating Well During the Holidays

Enjoy these handy tips to stay well during the winter holiday season and festivities; be ready to start the new year with energy and vibrant health.

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Getting Inspired in the Kitchen

Sometimes the hardest part of making a healthy meal is getting inspired to cook. Here's our pick of ideas to help spark your excitement to create something delicious in the kitchen.

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How to Read Labels

Understanding the nutrition information labels on packaged food and knowing which ingredients to avoid can go a long way towards making healthier food choices.

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Love Your Liver

An unhappy liver can affect all aspects of health. Diminished function creates a backlog of toxins, and can be a precursor to a chronic degenerative illness, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

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Making healthy and sustainable seafood choices

Like many other foods, not all fish is created equal. There are health, environmental and economic considerations to be made, while keeping in mind that, with some exceptions, the benefits of eating fish far outweigh the risks.

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Nutrition to Manage Pain and Lower Inflammation

One major reason for pain is inflammation (inflammation also precedes development of diabetes, auto-immune conditions and other diseases - even cancer). So taking a look at inflammation and doing everything we can to reduce it is of extreme importance today, especially since inflammation can be largely attributed to our modern lifestyle...

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Nutrition Update: 2015 in Review

It feels great to look back at the year and see how much progress has been made in the nutrition field! Here are our 2015 highlights.

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The Power of Our Food Choices

How do the food choices we make affect our health, our planet, and our ability to feed ourselves and the generations to come? Ceres' latest white paper summarizes a small sample of the extensive research related to the human and environmental costs of conventional agriculture and processed foods, and the nutritional and environmental benefits of organic and sustainable farming and ranching practices, so that anyone looking to make positive changes in their diet can have a solid guide to move forward. With this paper we also offer support to food and nutrition organizations that currently address hunger and want to insure everyone has access to better health and less hunger in the future.…

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Quick Tips for Healthy Meal Planning that Won't Break Your Budget

Effective meal planning is both rewarding and cost-effective. It might seem daunting to take the time to think ahead. However, once you get into the swing of things it's actually a great time saver. Follow these tips and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to cut costs without sacrificing nutrition. .

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Seasonal Blues

End the seasonal blues with diet and lifestyle tips for a better mood.

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Sleep & Nutrition:

Read about the importance of sleep for health and what lifestyle and nutrition choices you can make to get a good nights sleep.

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Soaking Guidelines: Grains, Nuts & Seeds

Why do we soak and dehydrate grains, nuts and seeds in the Ceres kitchen? Find out about the benefits here, and get details on how to do it yourself.

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Soaking & Cooking Guidelines: Legumes

Soaking and cooking legumes (beans and lentils) is an easy process once you know how. Get details here on how to make them easy to digest and get ready to enjoy this wonderfully healthy vegetarian protein source.

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Soy: Benefits and Concerns

Soybeans are a traditional part of diets in China, Japan and Korea and are grown all around the world in Brazil, Argentina, India, Paraguay, Canada, and the United States (which produces more soybeans than any other country in the world). However, soybeans and soy products have fallen into the category of controversial foods, because, well, they are.

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Sugar: How Sweet It Isn’t

Understand why the high– and often hidden- quantities of sugar in our diet are a risk for our well-being at many levels.

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You may wonder whether supplements are really necessary or helpful at all. Read what our Nutrition Education Manager, Thais Harris, NC has to say.

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Understanding Fats

This three-part series details the health imperative of consuming adequate amounts of healthy, “good” fats in our diet and explains which fats to avoid.

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• Part 1 - Overview and Focus on Saturated Fats
• Part 2 - Unsaturated Fats
• Part 3 - Cholesterol


Understanding the New Dietary Guidelines

The USDA Health and Human Services published its new 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans on January 7, 2016. These new guidelines are definitely an improvement over the previous ones, however, they are not as comprehensive and beneficial as they could be.

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