Nourishing Connections
Cooking Classes

Understand the basics behind Ceres Community Project's food philosophy with our Nourishing Connections Cooking Classes. Each class covers nutrition information and offers a hands-on experience of making some of our economical and simply delicious recipes. Plus, you get to taste some great Ceres dishes!



Sprouting Health:
Grow Your own Sprouts!

Instructor: Kathy Emmer, NC

10am to noon, Saturday, May 19

Join us on a sprouting adventure! Home-grown sprouts are highly nutritious, economical, verifiably organic, and about as local and fresh as it gets. Sprouting also gives you a simple yet powerful connection to nature, right in your kitchen, all year-round.

Kathy Emmer, Nutrition Consultant, teaches the basics of sprouting and more. You will prepare your own sprouts, as well as a spring salad, savory crackers and irresistible cookies!

Please bring a clean quart mason jar to class.


The ABCs of Fermentation:
Creating Health with Lacto-Fermented Foods

Instructor: JoEllen DeNicola,
Ceres Project Nutrition Director

10am to noon, Saturday, July 21

Ever wonder if you could eat your probiotics instead of taking a pill? You can, with lacto-fermented foods! In addition to being a rich source of probiotics, fermented foods may improve immune function, help to make the nutrients in our food more bio-available, and remove toxins from foods.

Our hands-on fermentation class teaches you to ferment Kim Chi, Sauerkraut and Kefir -- all rich in friendly probiotics and vital nutrients that improve digestion and support your health. It is simple, natural and easy.


Blissful Celebrations:
Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Desserts

Instructor: Ruth Baillie, Cancer Coach

10am to noon, Saturday, October 20

Join us to discover ways you can enjoy fabulous and delicious desserts without jeopardizing your health.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of eliminating or reducing gluten and dairy in their diets, yet packaged gluten-free desserts are often made with processed white sugar, which is detrimental to long-term health.

Turn your desserts into healthy delights with our delicious gluten, dairy & sugar free recipes.

The Kate Schaffner
Healing Foods Kitchen
at Ceres Community Project
7351 Bodega Avenue

Time: 10 am to noon
Tuition: $45 per class

Space is limited,
so register soon.

Healing Broths

Sprouting Health

The ABCs of Fermentation

Blissful Celebrations

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